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Handcrafted with naturally good vibes

Our Story

Our story begins way back in highschool. We shared a close friend & bonded in our chorus classes over being free spirits.  Sierra thought Marie was too cool for her because she was older and owned her weirdness. Marie thought Sierra was too cool for her because she was a cheerleader and had the best curls. True story! In the summer of 2016 we ran in to each other at a local brewery and decided to be BFFs for real! A few months later The Raw Aura was born. Sierra asked Marie to help with a website and social media. It wasn't long before we became an inseperable, unstoppable force. 


//// Sierra Williams <<

Sierra is a HUSTLER. She has always had a passion for people & a love for gemstones. She's a self taught jeweler who has worked alongside & learned from several local custom jewelry makers. Sierra is a very spiritual person, her passion for handmade, natural products inspired the brand. She recently became a Reiki healer in hopes to help people on a deeper level & to be able to incorporate crystals into the healing as well. In her free time she enjoys going to local farmers markets, visiting mines & digging up gems, meditating, cuddling with her pups, & cloud/stargazing. Sierra aims to show people the power of natural, simple living while providing education on the benefits of doing so. She's always been referred to as weird/quirky & she wouldn't have it any other way.

 >> Marie D'Angelo ////

Marie is a digital pioneer. She is a creative problem solver with over a decade of strategic and digital marketing experience. Marie has previously worked with major corporations, press, music, art, e-commerce, nonprofits, events, start-ups, and causes. While supporting herself in college, Marie worked at a local jewelry shop. This is where her passion for handmade & original jewelry was born. She is a go-getter who makes shit happen. Marie's favorite things are marketing, strategy, research and development. Also, she’s totally awesome.




Sarah Schultz- Taylor


Theodore Taylor III