Fluorite + Czech Glass on Brass Dreamcatcher

Fluorite + Czech Glass on Brass Dreamcatcher


Beautiful handmade dreamcatcher.

• Brass ring
• 100% cotton rope
• Yarn
• Fluorite gemstones + Czech Glass stones
• Feathers

Made in collaboration with In Between Dreams. Find all of our work with this amazing maker here.

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is a stone of protection. good for cleansing & stabilizing the aura. when working in upper chakras it is said to increase intuitive abilities. links the human mind to universal consciousness. said to allow mental & physical coordination. an excellent healing stone that can clear the aura of mucky energies. fluorite heightens mental abilities & can bring mental clarity to chaotic situations. absorbs negative energies & because of this should be cleared often. said to help with honesty & denial. good stone to use for manifestation. an excellent learning aid, it organizes & processes information & increases concentration. read more.