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Handcrafted with naturally good vibes

"We want to share our love of people, nature & spirituality through handmade natural products."


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    the RAW aura was established in 2017 when we took creativity & passion & blended it with wisdom & generosity. Our mission is to help others find internal peace & external beauty through natural, handmade jewelry & products. 

    We have seen a simple piece of jewelry increase happiness, reduce swelling, give confidence, diminish pain, clear rashes, heal the soul, & most importantly allow you to express yourself.

    Everyday we learn more about gemstones and the effectiveness of natural practices. We plan to share this knowledge with you by educating you about our products, so you truly know what you are buying. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase which is why we promise that if anything ever happens to your beloved piece of jewelry we will replace it to the best of our abilities without exception.

    Our passion for people doesn’t stop at our customers, we also strive to accomplish social good by donating to various organizations through financial contributions but more importantly volunteering within our community. We want to make this world a better place by spreading love & positive vibes while building a legacy, LIKE A BOSS.

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         treat yo' self! 

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