Aventurine + Amazonite

Aventurine + Amazonite


Surround yourself with only the luckiest vibes with this duo of Aventurine + Amazonite.

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is a healing & a stone of open-mindness. a local stone to virginia & north carolina. said to provide balance of yin & yang energies. amazonite will help you to achieve clarity of mind. this stone will help you to clear your muddled thoughts & make you better understand yourself, what’s happening around you & what your impact is to the people in your life & the rest of the world. it’s a great stone for anyone who is passionate about artistic pursuits & can unleash the creative & imaginative side of you & can help you in your projects with artistic visions. said to be good for manifesting things into your life, it will encourage you to be bold & brave & make your dreams come true & keep trying until they do. Known to bring you lots of joy, happiness, success & abundance. good for attracting good fortune & good luck. it’s the stone of truth & courage & once you have this stone in your life you can expect to be empowered by truth. amazonite is a good stone to have when you need to express something to someone you love, known to stop you from worrying too much from expecting the worst all the time & from always thinking there is a catch. read more.