Blue Onyx

is a healing stone. it opens, heals, clears & activates the third eye chakra, mental body & the mind grid. it helps in bringing in your higher self, heals soul fragments & helps with soul retrieval. it promotes ascension, removes obstructions to the mental body healing. facilitates contact with spirit guides, angels & the goddess. aids psychic communication with animals & contact with dolphins and whales. this stone quiets the mind.  serves as a worry stone. throat chakra. centers your energy & aligns it with a higher power, helping you to access higher guidance. helps you to be at ease in your surroundings. heals grief & old sorrows. helps flighty people to have a more stable way of life.  alleviates overwhelming fears & worries. said to help you to make wise decisions. balances the yin & yang energies within the body. beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and the feet.