Green Zebra Jasper

is a motivational stone.  it balances out parts of your life that have become all important to the detriment of others. stimulates the heart & root chakra. also known as silver eye serpentine & allows us to meet challenges head on by helping us to rationalize the everyday problems that we face. can help you overcome apathy, giving you the courage to deal with problems & provide you the determination to see things through. believed to provide motivation & energy to bring ideas into life & reach goals and dreams. it is also good for focusing on financial problems & seeing them through to completion. for small businesses it allows you to focus on the underlying problems of the business not just money, but also customer service or areas of your business that are inefficient. healing crystal helps to protect & relieve sexual problems in males such as "ED" or low libido. helps to increase estrogen levels in woman increasing sexual desire & helps with conception. treats skin disorders & dispels bloating. heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract & the purifying organs. reduces toxicity & inflammation.