is a protective stone, a delicate stone. stimulates originality & dynamic creativity, it aids in accessing & expressing one’s true self. absorbent & reflective. it picks up thoughts & feelings, amplifies them & returns them to source. it's a karmic stone, teaching that what you put out comes back. amplifies traits & brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. enhancing self-worth, it helps you understand your full potential. brings lightness & spontaneity. encourages an interest in the arts. associated with love & passion, desire & eroticism.  a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states & releases inhibitions. it can act as an emotional stabilizer, but the stone may scatter energy & the user needs to have other stones standing by to aid integration. it encourages putting out positive emotions. wearing it is said to bring loyalty & faithfulness. good for creativity, inspiration, imagination & memory. may amplify fickleness where the propensity is already present. strengthen the will to live. said to treat parkinson's disease, infections, & fevers while strengthening the memory. purifies blood & kidneys. aids detox. useful during childbirth.