Rose Quartz

is known as the stone of unconditional love & beauty. said to bring peace, love & harmony to you. most important crystal for the heart & the heart chakra. it purifies & opens the heart at all levels, & brings deep inner healing & self love. it is calming, reassuring, & excellent for use in trauma or crisis. known to gently draw off negative energy & replaces it with loving vibes. strengthens empathy & sensitivity & aids in the acceptance of necessary change. excellent stone for mid-life crisis. enhances positive affirmations & can help remind you of your intention. promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. the finest healer. soothes internalized pain & heals deprivation. teaches you how to love yourself. said to encourage self-forgiveness, acceptance, invokes self-trust & self-worth. strengthens the physical heart & circulatory system & releases impurities from the body fluids. aids with chest & lung problems. heals kidneys & adrenals & alleviates vertigo. said to increase fertility. soothes burns & blisters & smoothes complexion. it’s helpful with alzheimer’s, parkinson’s & senile dementia.