is excellent for energy & balance. encourages a passion for life, but never in a self destructive way. improves motivation & setting of realistic goals. stimulates the heart chakra & balances the heart. encourages “following your bliss” & promotes positive dreams & clear visualization. stone of abundance & aids in retaining wealth & passion. brings up anger or negative energy for transmutation & encourages the removal of anything negative from your path & promotes dynamic leadership. mentally, known to bring on a courageous state of mind. sharpens & heightens awareness & helps with concentration. known to make you stronger in times of controversy or during a dispute. social stone that attracts sexual activity. detoxifies the body, blood, & lymph said to treat fevers, infectious disease, & restricted blood flow. helps with decision making & new beginnings/change. promotes the will to live, mental health & healing. good for anemia, bleeding/blood loss, detox, low blood pressure, & fever.