Ruby Red Zoisite

is a combination crystal that contains both the properties of fiery ruby & earthy zoisite. it is a “marriage” of passion & patience. enhances psychic abilities, aids in the communication of spirit guides & when placed on the crown chakra, amplifies spirituality, engaging the body’s own energy field. helps you to maintain your individuality while still being part of the world around you.  it keeps you from over-reacting to difficult situations & prevents mood swings. transmutes negative energy into the positive. it is especially helpful during the grieving process, allowing you to release that pain & sorrow & gain spiritual comfort while getting on with your life and regaining that passion. it also enhances that passion into compassion for others who may be going through the same. calms a racing heartbeat while maintaining the body’s equilibrium, especially during times of stress. it relieves inflammation & promotes strength in the immune system, heart, & lungs. can help heal problems associated with the reproductive organs & increase fertility, both in men and women. it is most helpful after a miscarriage or hysterectomy. also beneficial in fighting bacterial infections. has a robust life-force energy that makes it an admirable stone to use for healing the body. it brings in the lovely positive feelings & aid the wearer to come up from depression. because of its vibrant shades of red & green, it provokes the energy flow from heart chakra down to the base chakra & help to heal many physical complaints. it helps to solve immune problem, it assists with adrenal fatigue, heart issues, stimulate general healing within the body. by helping one to learn the lessons from the divine mind. with a lovely combination of color energy vibrations it is a lovely opportune for happiness, health & general well-being of the wearer.