is a wonderful healing stone. also called “new jade” an earthing stone that aids meditation & spiritual exploration. good for art & creativity. a gentle, tender-natured stone that brings you in contact with angelic guidance. helps to clear out & release the clouded/dense areas of all chakras so that healing can occur. will help with healing on all levels (mental, emotional, & physical). forms a unique connection to promote healing in the way that is best for each individual. can be used to attract/manifest what you want into your life & bring abundance on all levels, prosperity, love & healing. it aligns your intent with the heart chakra & source energy. helps you to understand the spiritual basis of life. assists the retrieval of wisdom & regains memory of past lives. said to help you feel more control of your own life. corrects mental & emotional imbalances & assists the conscious direction of healing energy towards problem areas. said to eliminate parasites, aids calcium & magnesium absorption & treats diabetes & hypoglycemia. said to help with chronic fatigue.