is a stone of is a stone of enlightenment & spiritual enlightenment. said by ancient lore to be the treasure of mermaids. known as a stone of love & spirituality, it’s also known to have a highly protective nature. this stone provides emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, said to stabilize & ground you. aquamarine is said to calm & soothe not only the wearer but people around them as well. it’s associated with peace & tranquility & can get rid of feelings of self-doubt. aid to help you become less judgemental & help you to have more tolerance & understanding for those around you, while being less offended, annoyed or angered. said to help with your reasoning & logic & helps to remove your affliction of procrastination. a powerful stone that that will attract prosperity & abundance. an excellent stone for those in need of closure with a relationship/feelings for someone. one of the best stones for getting you through high-tension periods & considered to be an all purpose healing stone that can help with many kinds of physical & mental disorders. known to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps the mother protect the baby from harm, said to also protect unborn babies & prevent miscarriages. a good stone to help heal sore throats & can aid in the treatment of swollen glands. aquamarine can also boost the immune system, prevent allergic reactions, regulate hormones & be effective in curing ailments that affect the liver, throat & stomach.