Dalmatian Jasper

is a stone of service & happiness. known to combat exhaustion & boredom. a good stone for those who work with animals, helping to calm & soothe animals that may be hurt or scared this also applies to humans. it helps over analytical people to become more ground & maintain balance. said to help harmonize emotions & maintaining composure under even the most difficult circumstances. excellent meditation stone. cleanses the aura from any other dysfunctional energies, balances your yin & yang. known to transmute negative energy & protect the user from harm. a good stone for when you are feeling down & out, bring joy & will restore a sense of fun. this stone is an instant pick me up & it will fill you with the energy that will allow you to have fun whether you want to or not. brings a childlike feeling & playful nature helping you to enjoy the things you used to when you were younger. said to make you realize your own strengths & weaknesses, helping you tap into your strength & turn those weaknesses into strengths. no matter how successful you become, this stone will always keep it real for you. it will remove disillusionment & make you realize there are still many things to look forward to. said to help you overcome depression & will show you the meaning of loyalty, commitment, & devotion. a good cleanser & will be good for any health condition that concerns your internal organs. also very helpful if you are suffering from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) & it will purify the blood & strengthen your immune system.