Tree Agate

is a stone of inner peace, said to calm nerves & encourage you to become more persevering & patient helping to promote a peaceful environment. an excellent meditation stone. associated with the heart & base root chakra. brings focus to oneness of all, dissolving egoism & arrogance. helps to bring emotional stability & helps manage mood swings, said to calm tempers. a supportive stone that helps to clear energy blockages that are preventing the free flow of energies. when you clear these blockages you will open the vibrant flow of abundance & prosperity. It will bring energies of fullness in all areas of your life, especially when it comes to financial matters. said to bring luck to business & cause plentiful rewards. helps to connect one’s spirit to nature. though they work slowly & deliberately, they manage to help have a lasting impact. said to strengthen family connections. physically, can help with ailments affecting the nerves & blood capillaries, especially good for those with neuralgia. can help with blood pressure & help boost the body’s natural immune system. good stone for pregnant women to have because it’s said to encourage lactation & help mothers deal with the baby blues. other healing properties include strengthening cardiac muscles in the chest & can work to alleviate back pain that stems from tension or stress. it’s said to be beneficial to those who are suffering from insomnia or sleepwalking.