is a protective & grounding stone that will protect you in your day to day activities & offer you protection even when you are sleeping or travelling, sometimes referred to as black moonstone. a very cleansing stone, known to remove toxins & negative energy from the physical & etheric bodies, dispelling anything harmful or unnecessary so you will be able to enjoy a flow of positive flow of energies. an excellent meditation stone because it will effectively still & focus your mind & remove unnecessary thoughts & will sharpen your concentration. said to enhance your psychic abilities & will allow you to see the past & give you a clear vision of your past life & how it’s influencing your life right now. said to open your subconscious mind & make way for a an enhanced clarity of thought, allowing you to read between the lines & understand what other people mean on both conscious & unconscious levels. this stone is an excellent tool for lucid dreaming & will help you to be able to remember your dreams vividly & allow you to interpret their meaning on a more accurate & timely manner. larvikite is said to increase your intellect & stimulate your creativity while deepening your wisdom allowing you to see your genuine self through your higher self. an excellent stone to keep around to help you achieve your goals & complete your projects sooner than you expect. Known to work on your physical appearance to enhance your youthfulness & vitality & can be used to treat skin problems & disorders. it can also help brain functions & raid in the recovery from heart attacks & strokes. larvikite can clean & purify the body & help in muscular detoxification. It can also calm the nerves & regulate the blood pressure while aiding in the body’s metabolic functions & in weight loss efforts. it’s also known to help in correcting or treating many learning disabilities.