is a calming stone said to aid in sleeping & calming the overactive mind. known to ease insomnia, dreaming, dream retention, stress relief & eliminates pain brought about by stress. a great meditation stone. use this stone to bring a calm patience to your reactions in times of stress, it will prevent you from becoming rude or behaving in a negative manner. a good stone for anger management. you will find yourself reacting with more tact & you will be able to communicate your concerns in an appropriate manner deflecting conflict. howlite is said to be an amazing stone in revealing the truth, especially within yourself.  it will teach you to stop lying to yourself & to be careful what you wish for. this gemstone will show you all the reason that are preventing you from reaching your goals & will show you the truth about your strengths & the incredible power you are capable of. said to help you recognize any habits or behaviors that may be slowing your spiritual evolution. a good stone for starting a new job, school or undertaking new studies. it will enhance your thirst for knowledge & heighten your perceptions while allowing you to absorb new ideas & information easily & helping you to incorporate your new skills into every day life. known for it's helping maintain a balanced absorption of calcium & aiding in stronger bones & teeth. howlite is good for relaxing & releasing muscle tension. said to aid in skin health & aging.