Amazonite is the stone of open-mindedness. Local to Virginia & North Carolina, this healing crystal balances yin & yang energies. Amazonite will help you to achieve clarity of mind, clear your muddled thoughts and help you better understand yourself, your surroundings and how your actions impact others. Amazonite is THE stone for those who are passionate about artistic pursuits. This gemstone can unleash your creative mind and reveal your visions. Amazonite is great for manifesting things into your life, it will encourage you to be bold, brave, and persistent in making your dreams come true. Amazonite brings you joy, happiness, success & abundance. Good fortune & luck will be in sight with the use of amazonite. The stone of truth, courage, and hope can empower you to communicate better with loved ones. If you tend to overanalyze, amazonite can help you chill out and stop acting so paranoid. With a boost of self-esteem and self-love, amazonite can help you appreciate yourself and those around you. Amazonite promotes comfort & happiness in your relationships.

As a stone of open-mindedness, amazonite enables you to be more nurturing, loving, honest, and optimistic. Amazonite is a powerful healing stone that is known to help with lung, chest, sinus & throat problems. It is beneficial for those who suffer from gout or liver & heart-related problems. Amazonite is a helpful aid in overcoming addictions, like alcoholism. Amazonite can be an excellent tool for weight loss because it is known to boost your metabolism and promote deep sleep. You can leave your tin-hat at home because amazonite blocks electromagnetic pollution & geopathic radiation, helping to keep your vibrational energies clear and light.

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