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Calcite is a naturally waxy, smooth stone that is used for grounding and energy work. The prosperous stone brings luck in business-- but only if you’re using your natural gifts.

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Goldstone is known to keep emotions stable, calming you even in your most volatile moments and making sure you don’t do anything you regret.

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Kiwi Jasper

Kiwi Jasper is a good worry stone for anyone going through periods of stress said to lift the mood and tap into unconditional love from the universe

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This strong healing stone has been used for centuries in medicine because hematite contains iron and can be

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You can leave your tin-hat at home because amazonite blocks electromagnetic pollution & geopathic radiation, helping to keep your vibrational energies clear and light.

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White Jade
Green Zebra Jasper
Blue Onyx
Clear Quartz

If you only have one crystal, clear quartz should be the one. The most abundant and powerful stone on the planet is the master healer.

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